December 19, 2022


Dmitri, stop apologizing for a minute . . .

Black Vultures

January 3, 2023, will mark the 1,000th Post on my blog, and for a number of reasons, the last post I will be making. The prior posts will remain available and if you crave birds, my Flickr site ( has many thousands for your perusal. While I have enjoyed bringing you a bird each day, several factors have contributed to my decision to end the blog posts. Among them, the weight of the camera rig I have been using has placed a strain on my already problematic back. I have lost the central vision in my dominant eye geographic atrophy and AMD and while I have learned to focus the camera with my left eye, it is a bit of a strain and I need to care for it even more now. And I need to spend more time on my writing.  But you will still be able to find me at my daily poetry (and photography) blog at so feel free to drop by there. I have enjoyed this effort and thank you sincerely for spending a few moments each day with my avian friends.

Lou Faber

September 28, 2022

I’m telling you, Harry, the Bobcat was this big but he wasn’t going to mess with those raccoons. He hightailed it out of there when they came after him.*

Black Vultures

That actually happened here last week. The bobcat was being chased by a mother raccoon and her three kits and he wanted no part of them, for raccoons can be ferocious.