Turkey Vulture

Please be advised that, while this Bird of the Day blog will continue daily, I sadly will have to depart from my prior practice of posting a picture of a bird taken between one and ten days prior to the post. I say sadly, because the birds that have historically inhabited or visited the wetland daily, often approaching 1,000, have departed. We have had a drought for several months, but the wetland was surviving well. Great Blue Herons and Great and Snowy Egrets were nesting and beginning to fledge their young. During the drought a project to correct a drainage issue was undertaken. Whether because of the drought or the project, the water level in the wetland dropped until it was little more than a mud basin. This allowed predators, such as bobcats and possibly wild pigs to enter the wetland and prey on the nesting birds. Within days the nests were empty, and sadly the chicks and some parent egrets and herons were dead. While we mourn their loss, and the daily visits of the countless other birds, we hope that the developer will remediate this problem, or worst case, when the rainy season begins in earnest the wetland will refill and will rise like the proverbial phoenix and the birds will return. Until then, continue to enjoy photos from the past.

Published by Lou Faber

Poet and writer (and retired attorney) and one time Pushcart Prize nominee (mistakes do happen) and practicing Buddhist (some things you can never get right, but you practice anyway), novelist in search of an Agent, jazz lover in search of the perfect trio (Bill Charlap comes closest). Author of "The Right to Depart," published by Plain View Press, ISBN: 9780911051308 (2008) My work has appeared in Aura Literary Arts Review, Afterthoughts (CA), Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Celt at Aberffraw (Ire), Chaminade Literary Review, Candelabrum Poetry Magazine (UK), Exquisite Corpse, HazMat Review, Legal Studies Forum, Luna Negra, Main Street Rag, Midstream, European Judaism (UK), Pearl, Rattle, RE:AL The Journal of Liberal Arts, The South Carolina Review, Vigil (UK), The Worcester Review and too many elsewhere to list. My work has been anthologized in Hearsay: Poetry By Lawyers, Kafka Kaleidoscope (Birch Brook Press) and Torture and Triumph (Scars Publ.).

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